Long Service Award Presentations

I have a very interesting week this week. Currently I am in the station lounge at Darlington station having visited a prospective new Loyalty and Service award customer. Later on in the week I shall be visiting another prospect which I am looking forward to, this time in the London area, so closer to home. I have to say that the East coast train service out of Kings Cross was excellent. I splashed out and bought First class tickets and pleased, for the not unreasonable additional cost, that I did. The only slight pain is that having booked a timed … Continue reading

Employee Service and Loyalty Award Gift Options

I have previously written about the planning for implementing a Company Loyalty and Long Service Award benefits programme. You are now at the stage of choosing a programme and a provider to help you implement a scheme to suit your budgets and that will work with your particular needs. Here are a few of the choices available: Gift Vouchers: Can be done for a specific store group or a wider ranging offer using more general voucher schemes. Whilst it is an easy option, it can also indicate to staff that not much effort has been made to reward them, it … Continue reading

How do I Start to Implement a Company Service and Loyalty Award Gift Programme?

Researching your Company long service and loyalty award options can be a bit of a head ache. Here I have tried to simplify by giving you guide lines so that informed decisions can be made on how best to reward loyalty in your company. Firstly it will be helpful to have an idea of your budget. The easiest way to do this is to identify the following: What anniversaries to reward What budget per anniversary Will there be an event to celebrate and present the awards Any Inland Revenue tax implications What anniversaries to reward? As a general guide to … Continue reading

Service and Loyalty Gifts – Back in Vogue?

After a few challenging years, we sense here at Havens that the corporate mood is changing, albeit cautiously. Over the last few years it is fair to say that most companies looked at all their costs and budgets, particularly those costs that were not directly related to driving business forward. This inevitably included service and recognition awards to loyal employees. Wages also by and large went on hold, sometimes even reverse and everyone knuckled down to deal with the harsh realities of the recession. The feeling we have is that having got this far most companies have learnt to adapt … Continue reading

New Service Award Gifts and Rewards Online Platform

The Havens awards online points gift platform is now an additional Loyalty and Service award gift solution complimenting the Havens printed points catalogue format. With over 7,000 branded products to choose from there is now even greater choice for your loyal employees to chose from. The website is constantly updated with new product on a daily basis. Shortly we will also be introducing experience days which one or two clients have requested. As well as the points based option our very popular individual catalogues where a selection of gifts to meet your budget is also available online too. This format … Continue reading

Inland Revenue Tax On Long Service and Recognition Awards Gifts

The general rules concerning the Inland Revenue Taxation implication on Long Service and Loyalty Awards are fairly straight forward: Employers and Employees are exempt from tax if: 20 Years of continuous service with the same company or subsidiaries of that company. Value of award does not exceed £50.00 for each year of service Must be tangible, normally in the form of a Gift, a non cash Voucher but can be shares in the Company Anything outside this and the excess is taxable which can be paid by the Employer under a  PAYE  settlement agreement. There is no exemption for Cash … Continue reading